The ADAMOS HACKATHON visits Darmstadt

ADAMOS Hackathon 4.4: digital solutions for mechanical engineering

Round four successfully mastered: from 21 - 24 July 2019, the "ADAMOS HACKATHON 4.4" took place at Software AG in Darmstadt.

Software specialists, designers and product managers of the ADAMOS partners faced the various challenges of digitization in the industry in interdisciplinary teams. How can companies support their customers with digital networking and intelligent apps? How can it be ensured that vertical applications are integrated into manufacturer-independent, digital solutions? Ultimately, the goal is always to increase customer benefit.

The teams had one goal: to develop the first functional prototypes from ideas.

And the Winner is...

ADAMOS Hackathon 4.4

Das Team: Tobias Sommer, Software AG / Dirk Gröner, Software AG / Alexander Burk, Weber Maschinenbau / Ingo Eckstein, Weber Maschinenbau / Mirko Menzenbach, iTAC Software / Denis Krenski, WerkbliQ

1st place: Universal Data & Events Services

The UDE app provides a customizable workflow to integrate different systems based on webMethods.io with the goal of digitizing parts of sales or service processes. The application enables the digitalization of maintenance processes, more efficient maintenance and more structured management processes. 

The prototype of this solution includes the following features:

  • Integrated workflow from sales to service process
  • BI-directional integration of the ADAMOS IIoT platform with SalesForce as an example of process integration

2nd place: App Trendy

The Trendy app took second place and helps process engineers to optimize processes by offering a self service for an easy and fast analysis of process parameters. The user does not need any previous knowledge in the field of data analytics. Once optimal process parameters have been found via graphical analysis, limit values can be defined and their compliance predicted and monitored.

3rd place: App Smart Troubleshooter

The Smart Troubleshooter app supports machine operators in processing and classifying alarms on the machines and shows in a dialog box which steps are to be taken next.

Participant voting & Cross Collaboration Award

The team with the ADAMOS HyperConnector app received the Cross Collaboration Award. The app helps the machine operator to anticipate a machine failure and to keep maintenance work to a minimum.

The team xBooster won the participant voting. . The solution provides applications with easy and generic access to data from different IoT platforms.


The ADAMOS Hackathon 4.5 will take place at the beginning of 2020 at our partner ENGEL in Schwertberg, Austria.