knitlink brings customers, manufacturers and agencies closer together

Knitted network: Mayer & Cie. launched knitlink

Under the name knitlink, Mayer & Cie. has been offering a platform for collecting and evaluating machine data and other digital service offerings since summer 2019. These include options for remote maintenance and more efficient collaboration using mixed-reality glasses. A webshop is also part of knitlink, which is to be extended with further functions in the near future. knitlink is based on ADAMOS IIoT technologies.

The circular knitting machines from Mayer & Cie. produce knitwear of all kinds: from fabrics for home textiles, sportswear, nightwear and swimwear, seat covers and underwear to technical textiles. The knitting machines are used worldwide, in both large and small factories.

knitlink's aim is to make working with Mayer machines easier for every user and to improve their results. knitlink therefore works on a machine-specific basis, making its use independent of the size of a company. The operator can read the data of his machines from any location, from the speed over downtimes up to the efficiency of the individual machines or the entire machine park. The connection to the machine works via a cloud-based solution from Adamos. This meets the highest safety standards.

Remote support of the machines is also possible thanks to the IIoT solution. This is supported by the use of mixed reality glasses. A Mayer & Cie. technician can thus provide much more efficient guidance than before for user queries or light maintenance tasks.

The third component that knitlink will have at its disposal from 2020 is the web shop. Here the user can order his spare parts and consumables without language barriers or limiting business hours.

In the future knitlink will be extended by further components in order to bring customers, manufacturers and local representatives even closer together. At the end, all measures will lead to a web-based customer portal where the customer can call up the desired information on all his machines and applications at any time.

Mayer & Cie.

Mayer & Cie. (MCT) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circular knitting machines. The company offers the full range of machines needed to manufacture modern textiles – from home textiles, sportswear, nightwear, swimwear, seat covers and underwear to technical textiles. In addition, Mayer & Cie. regularly develops new concepts. The most recent example is “spinitsystems,” a spinning knitting technology that underscores the company’s claim to being a technological pioneer.

The Mayer & Cie. portfolio has been expanded since 2019 to include the production of braiding machines. They are used to manufacture reinforcing braids for hydraulic hoses for use in aviation, the automotive industry, or other special niche applications. According to preliminary figures, Mayer & Cie. generated sales of around 110 million euros in 2018. The company was founded in 1905 and has around 500 employees, 370 of which are at the Albstadt location. In addition to its headquarters in Albstadt, Germany as well as its subsidiaries in China and the Czech Republic, Mayer & Cie. is represented by its sales partners in the field of circular knitting and braiding machines in about 80 countries altogether.