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Learn more about the advantages of the ADAMOS Partner Network and test the ADAMOS IIoT platfrom.

Create your test account!*

included in TEST package

ADAMOS Partner Network✓ Test login for the ADAMOS Partner Portal

✓ Digital Readiness Workshop

ADAMOS IIoT Platform✓ 30-day TEST package3
✓ Access to the Developer Center



Experience the ADAMOS Partner Network, start your digitization with the Digital Transformation Services (DTS) and test the ADAMOS IIoT platform for free. 

€ 800 per month

included in STARTER package2

ADAMOS Partner NetworkAs a partner, you drive your digitalization goals in the network, use the entire range and have access to all network activities. 

✓ Partner Events (e.g. Hackathons)
✓ Partner Calls
✓ ADAMOS Partner Portal

ADAMOS DTSAcess to the DTS Portal with specialized training-, consulting-, implementation-offers and catalogue of selected enabling partners.

✓ Digital Readiness Workshop

ADAMOS IIoT-Plattform✓ 30-day TEST package incl.3
✓ Access to the Developer Center
✓ optional packages: "Platform Entry" from 450 Euro/month or "Platform Classic​" 




Design the ADAMOS Partner Network, define the goals together with partners and realize your digital products on the ADAMOS IIoT platform.

On request

included in ENTERPRISE package

ADAMOS Partner NetworkYou are a strategic ADAMOS partner, you invest in the design (e.g. Ambassador Program), you are part of the target image definition (e.g. strategy rounds) and you promote the activities (Partner Days, Partner Calls, Hackathons, etc.).

ADAMOS DTSAccess to the DTS portal with specialized training-, consulting-, implementation-offers and catalogue of selected enabling partners.

✓ Digital Readiness Workshop incl.

ADAMOS IIoT Platform
✓ Access to the Developer Center
✓ "Platform Classic​" package

Sensor Maschine

ADAMOS IIoT platform packages1

Included in the ADAMOS IIoT platform Entry Package:

  • 50 assets (e.g. machines, devices, or components)
  • 60 million data transfers (e.g. for sending sensor data from an asset to the platform)
  • 100 GB of data storage

This enables, for example, the connection of 50 machines, each of which can carry out 60 data transfers per minute, over a period of 16 operating hours a day, 20 working days a month.

The Classic Package includes 250 assets, 300 million data transfers and 600 GB of data storage space. Other packages on request. 

ADAMOS test accounts require an ADAMOS ID.


Become ADAMOS Enabling Partner!

ADAMOS Talking Men

With the Digital Transformation Service (DTS) we support our partners along their digital transformation and product development. The ADAMOS DTS are specialized offers from selected Enabling Partners for the implementation of digital products and business models especially for the ADAMOS Partner Network.

Do you offer suitable training and consulting in the context of digitalization or do you support the implementation? Then apply as an ADAMOS Enabling Partner with a suitable offer. 

1 Package upgrades, plug-ins, and On-premise and Edge deployment available on a pay-per-use basis.
2 Minimum contract term = 12 months
3 An ADAMOS test account gives you access to the IIoT platform test environment. You get a trial tenant and can then develop and test your solutions. The ADAMOS IIoT platform is based on a multi-tenant concept. Each tenant gets its own database scheme and does not share data with other tenants by default. Trial tenants are valid for 30 days only. They are intended for testing purposes only. If your company is an ADAMOS partner, you already have a corporate tenant. In this case, please contact your local Administrator.