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Together with our partners, we pave the way for successful implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives. We actively encourage communication and collaboration within the network, to exploit opportunities and synergies.



Partner Netzwerk

The ADAMOS Partner Network is the alliance of all ADAMOS partners from various business areas. Target is to jointly establish a clear direction for the mechanical and plant engineering industry, to identify ways of coping with digital change and always focusing on benefits for end-customers.

The ADAMOS Partner Network assures exchange of knowledge and access to resources for the achievement of common goals.

As an ADAMOS partner, you will be part of this network. You will be member of a strong community of machine builders, plant engineers, integration partners, software companies, and service providers. Together, you will develop ADAMOS in all areas.

Partnership of equals | Guidance – Innovations – Implementation

With its Partner Network, ADAMOS promotes an environment in which innovation and ideas can grow, develop, and adapt. Thanks to its focus on a specific industry, the network offers guidance for action on similar problems and related digitization approaches.

Through continuous exchange and creative events, we drive cross-company and interdisciplinary innovation. ADAMOS is open to all companies interested in getting involved and desiring to benefit from a network of mechanical engineering and information technology. Collaborative ADAMOS events facilitate reciprocal improvements.

The joint development of apps for similar challenges and customer requirements enables partners to implement their digital products and business models quicker and more cost-effectively.

ADAMOS Partner Roles

ADAMOS Partner

ADAMOS partners are users and operators of the ADAMOS IIoT platform, such as machine builders, plant engineers, and component manufacturers, as well as companies that combine their digital solutions with ADAMOS solutions in a digital factory.

  • Creation or integration of digital solutions based on ADAMOS
  • Reuse of predefined assets
  • Avoidance of the creation of vendor lock-in solutions
  • Definition of standards for orchestrated access to third-party machine data

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ADAMOS Enabling Partner

ADAMOS enabling partners offer specialized ADAMOS enabling packages that help companies define, develop, and/or implement their digital solutions based on the ADAMOS IIoT platform.

With their experience and expertise, enabling partners provide support in three areas:

  • Consulting & Integration
  • Solutions & Applications
  • Connectivity

Enabling partners have usually successfully completed projects with ADAMOS partners and are familiar with ADAMOS technology. They enhance ADAMOS with complementary products and services, for meeting all core requirements in the IIoT.

1. ADAMOS Consultancy Partner

Companies that support ADAMOS partners in the creation of solutions based on ADAMOS technology with advice and assistance with implementation:

  • e.g.: System integrators support ADAMOS partners in the development of software for an ADAMOS app.
  • e.g.: Strategy consultants support ADAMOS partners with their digitization strategies based on ADAMOS products and Services.

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2. ADAMOS Solution Partner

Companies that offer software applications compatible for integration with ADAMOS technology. These applications are typically listed in the ADAMOS Marketplace.

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3. ADAMOS Connectivity Partner

Companies that offer ADAMOS partners products or services for connecting machines, plants, robots, or components with the ADAMOS platform:

  • e.g.: Supplier of a hardware box (“connectivity box”) for connection of a machine and transmission of data to the ADAMOS platform via a Software agent.

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ADAMOS Technology Partner

Technology partners provide their technology for the ADAMOS technology stack and are responsible for identifying and developing the most relevant industry-specific requirements.

ADAMOS Shareholder

The shareholders are the foundation of the ADAMOS industry alliance. They are the investors of this joint venture and drivers of digitization in the machinery and plant Engineering industry.

  • Drivers of ADAMOS’s vision and strategy
  • Establishment of industry standards
  • Implementation of lighthouse references for ADAMOS
  • Identification of synergies for digital products

ADAMOS Co-Innovations | Setting digital standards together

ADAMOS Co-Innovations is a program for the ADAMOS partner network, for joint development of applications based on the ADAMOS IIoT platform. The program makes use of the fact, that partners are facing similar challenges. The ADAMOS Co-Innovations program exploits synergy effects and identifies interest groups within the partner network. Thereby it enables the establishment of initial standards through digital solutions.

ADAMOS bundles requirement management within projects. It drives and supports the development process, whereby representing the role of an orchestrator and facilitator for all participating parties. Various ADAMOS partners are involved: as providers of new ideas, sponsors, or future users of the solution. The involved ADAMOS partners significantly contribute to designing the relevant requirements in the development process.


ADAMOS Hackathon

In ADAMOS hackathons, we bring together experts from all areas of the ADAMOS application development process, to unlock additional potential within the partner network. With each partner and each application, the ADAMOS’s portfolio thereby constantly evolves.


Solutions & prototypes

The objective of all ADAMOS hackathons is to work together and to tackle similar challenges like data visualization and processing, as well as compatibility between machines and innovative business models. The goal is to develop functional, testable prototypes in just a few days. The partners’ shopfloor environments, sample data, interfaces, and machine simulations, for example, are available for this purpose.

ADAMOS Hackathon


ADAMOS’s core concept is to work together to develop digital business models and solutions that offer all partners added value. To this end, outstanding hackathon concepts are often adopted in the ADAMOS Co-Innovations program. The providers of the relevant idea from the hackathon are often involved in this, as are participants from the team.


ADAMOS Hackathon Review

Creative ideas for the digital production

The advantages for ADAMOS partners

  • Digitization – the ADAMOS way: mechanical engineering shapes digitization.
  • ADAMOS partner network: Together with our partners, we pave the way for Industry 4.0 concepts. We encourage communication and collaboration between all our partners, to exploit opportunities and synergies.
  • A separate developer community guarantees fast development results.
  • Leading-edge IIoT platform: A platform for implementing digital services for end customers, fast and efficiently.

Become an active member of the ADAMOS partner network and benefit from a unique combination of enterprise network and Technology!